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Postby woodgreen » Thu Jul 05, 2012 1:21 am

I cannot post the above link for some reason, but you can google it anyway. I check out the School's Study Forum now and again. One, to see who is on there from the North West ( a few who don't ever post), and two, to see what they post. Looks like the intelligent specialist ones post and keep the School's facade of economics, philosophy etc. going, whilst the leaders never bother.Shows how the SES uses it's members to full effect. But one thing I have noticed, is that their postings are much less than a couple of years ago, and the same is for the Lucca leadership site - there seems to be much less activity/engagement on their websites. Maybe they are running out of energy on their website fronts, and something is still not right in the state of Denmark.( aka Hamlet for those who remember).
They'll be recruiting through free lunches again soon, mark my words.

regards, woodgreen.
Ex-SES Member. (Member for 3 years in late nineties).

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