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The forums have been reorganised

Posted: Sun Dec 29, 2013 1:18 pm
by Daffy
If you have come to this page via a bookmark formerly pointing to the 'General discussion on SES' forum you will notice some changes.

Prior to the closure of this site as an active forum I have created seven new forums. These cover:

* St James and St Vedast
* The SES generally
* The Australian and NZ schools
* The North American schools
* Cults and religious organisations generally
* Miscellaneous
* Housekeeping (site announcements and discussions)

All the posts you previously saw under the 'General discussion on SES' link have been moved to these forums. As a result you will need to go to the top level forum under the 'Board Index' link to see them.

Please refer to the Housekeeping forum for further information relating to the closure of this site.