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Postby Justice » Thu Mar 14, 2013 5:36 pm

I have just heard about a new Cult recovery and awareness support/education group being launched in the U.K.

The website link is:

Free Minds UK: Cult recovery and awareness support/education group - starting soon
Welcome to Free Minds UK, a new education and support group for people who are, or were, involved in cults or high demand groups. The impact of cult membership, or the loss of a family member to such a group, can be traumatic and isolating. However it can be hard to find information, support and a safe place to share these difficult experiences. If you have ever been affected or know anyone who has, this unique group has been set up in response to the urgent need for information and support.
This group is based in London and is led by two highly experienced professionals. Alexandra Stein, Ph.D. has over 20 years experience studying cults and ideological extremism. She is also a former member of a cult, and has documented that experience in her book Inside Out. She will be assisted by Mary Russell, BACP Senior Accredited Counsellor who is also a former member. Both Alexandra and Mary wish to empower former members and families by working together to share and understand these complex experiences.
Free Minds UK is a new group seeking to provide this information and support. We invite former members and concerned family and friends to participate.
The first series of meetings will be on Wednesday evenings from 7.00 to 9.00 in North/Central London, starting on April 10th. There are a limited amount of places available for this session. Please email for further information.
Alexandra Stein, Ph.D. and Mary Russell, B.A., Cert Ed., Couns. Dip.

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