McGuru sets up Scottish Ashram!

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McGuru sets up Scottish Ashram!

Postby Justice » Mon Sep 28, 2009 10:04 am

"Bought by two of his devotees from Glasgow for £2m, the tiny North Ayrshire island of Little Cumbrae is being converted into an international yoga camp after a blessing from India's most popular lifestyle guru Baba Ramdev, also known as Swami Ji.
After comparing the west coast island to the Himalayas and the banks of the Ganges, Baba Ramdev led a procession accompanied by bagpipes across the island, trying not to trip over the fans who jostled to touch his feet.

Baba Ramdev faced plenty of questions about the claims his breathing exercises can help sufferers of cancer and leukaemia.

The swami wouldn't be drawn though on comments in the Indian press that he is anti-homosexual.
Mrs Poddar translated his Hindi response to a question on whether they "needed treatment", saying it is not something Baba Ramdev would comment on outside India.

The Hindu lifestyle guru is a straight talker - in his TV shows he has called people who sell things like alcohol, tobacco and meat criminals and berates indulgent parents for damaging their children."

So presumably, Scottish delicacies like Deep Fried Mars Bars followed by Carlsberg Special chasers wont be available on the island?

Does the McGuru have any connections with the official guide to St. James Independent Schools / School of Economic Science, Shri Vasudevananda?

See BBC News Report on McGuru at: ... 277970.stm

See McGuru's website at:

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