Kabbalah "Mind Control" Cult infiltrates UK Schoo

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Kabbalah "Mind Control" Cult infiltrates UK Schoo

Postby Justice » Thu Jun 05, 2008 8:05 am

The latest "Mind Control" Cult to infiltrate UK schools without parents being aware of the real agenda behind the Cult is Kabbalah.

See major article in the Times today (Thursday 5th June 2008).

All this seems to be remarkably familiar doesn't it?

http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/commen ... 067199.ece

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Postby ConcernedMum » Tue Jun 10, 2008 9:05 am

Thanks for the link Justice! Wow - its remarkably similar - especially in the claims that its not religion that is being taught - that it is truth. Plus they go one further and say it is Science!!!! What science is behind saying you do good things you get good things, you do bad things you get bad things?? It also sounds remarkably similar to my religious upbringing - confession of "sins" and a good angel on one shoulder, the devil on the other tempting you into badness (catholic teaching at the time).

I'm all for teaching children emotional intelligence and about our responsibility to each other - and there are bits of that probably in the SES teaching and this kabbalah system and all religions - which is why children's behaviour and well-being improve sometimes after being taught these principles. But why teach fear (you do bad things, bad things will happen) and all these unnecessary groupy stuff and that part of ourselves is "the Opponent" - fer goodness sake.

The more I hear about those who are practising so-called "spirituality" the more I am turned off it. There is so much arrogance and naivety and notably, lacking in humour. I have met some genuinely grounded mature people who practice different varieties of spirituality and who are alive to the ambiguities but unfortunately the majority seem to be absolutely blind to the inherent contradictions in what they are doing and saying. Mostly these days I'm just bored by the lack of subtlety to their discussion and claims. It is amazing when you have been interested in it, how you hear the same drivel (dressed up in slightly different language depending on the group) from so many of these groups and how they are so unaware of how other groups are trotting out the same sort of excuses and explanations. And its not that they are the same in terms of what they claim to be true, they are same in the order of logic they use - i.e. none.

I love some of the comments afterwards - funny how all these americans have come across a piece in a british newspaper???? Apparently in the States (U.S.)where the religious principle of abstinence is taught instead of proper sex education there are HIGHER levels of unplanned pregnancy (no surprise there when you think about it). My favourite comment is....

"Lets see, a gibberish cult that span off from Judaism taking the world by storm...mmmmm..When did that last happen?"

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