Just for fun...really?

Discussion of the SES' satellite schools in Australia and New Zealand.

Is this a cult?

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Re: Just for fun...really?

Postby ManOnTheStreet » Fri Oct 12, 2012 12:12 am

Does anyone know if it might be possible to reopen the poll on the this thread so we can vote again and see what happens?

iwonder, your experiences echo our own.

iwonder wrote:Tactics used by the tutor were creating self doubt in the mind of the questioner (who is asking that, you are thinking too much etc)

The disturbing thing about this is that after a while, a lot of students see this is as one of two things:
1) Evidence of some kind of 'deeper understanding' of the tutor (because they can perceive the 'activity' in the mind of the student) or
2) A worthwhile thing - what I mean is that after a while they think it's a good thing to stop asking questions, because this impedes their 'spiritual development' in some way. This process starts in part 1, and only gets reinforced later on.

I'm very happy that you are no longer a member iwonder - particularly so since it took you only a year to leave. For some of us, that process took over 20 years.

As for not-for-profit: I think the financial escapades of the Mavros have been mentioned in the main thread so I won't go into it here, but suffice it to say they made full use of the funds accorded to them (overseas trips etc.) Not for profit simply means that no extra profit is made over and above what is needed to run the organisation. The School could very well have operated in this fashion, but clearly it did not.


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