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Re: Michael Mavro Sydney SOP

Postby Sydneysider » Thu Apr 18, 2013 3:02 pm

I do agree that hindsight is a great thing in life. It is not until we reflect that we can truly learn and progress. I guess enlightened if you are happy with where you currently are then that is the main thing, but can I suggest that you consider the advice of others who have already walked in your shoes and seen the 'show play out'.

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Re: Michael Mavro Sydney SOP

Postby enlightened » Fri Apr 19, 2013 12:14 am

sydney sider there is no need to be so derogatory......if you and all the other people who left the school because they couldnt hack it, all I have to say is GOOD RIDDANCE!, I can see that your huge ego and arrogance would have got in the way of learning anything at SFSK.

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Re: Michael Mavro Sydney SOP

Postby enlightened » Fri Apr 19, 2013 12:37 am

Sydney sider, re your comment about doing an English course......that is a good reflection on the type of person you are, to make a judgement like that when you dont even know my background.For your information English is not my first language, so Ive done pretty well considering. You are typical of the types of people on this forum, an elitist snob.[

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Re: Michael Mavro Sydney SOP

Postby Ahamty2 » Fri Apr 19, 2013 12:42 am


You really have 'lost the plot'; and living in a perpetual state of denial!
Do you really know where you are? I don't think this Forum is doing anything for you.

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Re: Michael Mavro Sydney SOP

Postby Sydneysider » Fri Apr 19, 2013 1:37 am

Hello again 'enlightened one' - as predicted you go in for the personal attacks on people as "it's all a little bit of history repeating" for you isn't it! The scriptures refer to that, and Shirley Bassey sure has sung about it :)

Re my suggestion for the 101 English course enrolment, that is based upon my 'observation' of your level of language, and in all honesty I would be extremely concerned if I had anything to do with your "post graduate" works..you would be giving tertiary education a bad name and that would be a worry! The best thing about university whether you are an elitist, a Sydney sider or any person whatsoever is that it teaches you critical thinking skills, i.e looking at things from a range of perspectives whilst applying as little bias as possible. You also learn about context and not to just "blindly accept" everything that is put in front of you. These are invaluable skills that people NEVER learn at the School for Self Knowledge. How ignorant for people to be so close minded so that they can never see the other side of the coin.

I love how you just assume that myself and others "could not hack it". I speak for myself and can happily say that I truly woke up the day I left. My life since leaving is testament to this.

You suggest that I am elitist. Simply, I am no better than anyone else.

The SFSK is completely based upon a "we are the chosen few to receive supreme, direct knowledge" and the masses (other people) are unlucky to receive such 'wisdom'. If that is not elitist, then I truly don't know what is! What about Jesus who loved everyone no matter what? It appears to me that you are the chosen spokesperson for Mrs Mavro and I can almost hear her words through reading yours! If she is so passionate about the school, where are her 'words of wisdom' on this forum? Why does she banish people once they decide to leave? Last time I checked this is 2013, where people have the liberty to decide what they wish to do. We are not living in an Indian cave in the 1800's, although maybe your mind thinks you do! I suggest you go back to being an individual or focusing your attention on getting your next donation ready.

The fact you even term yourself 'enlightened' (joke or not) seems purely elitist and arrogant to me :)

I wonder why you are even on this forum? What purpose does it serve you other than to pour out your negative energy and frustrations that you have from being controlled in such a dogmatic 'school'?

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Re: Michael Mavro Sydney SOP

Postby enlightened » Fri Apr 19, 2013 6:49 am

acatually , you are not only egotistical and arrogant, you are also an a---hole, Im glad youve left SFSK, people like you dont belong there.Why dont you go back to your science textbooks and try to find the answers ......

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Re: Michael Mavro Sydney SOP

Postby Sydneysider » Fri Apr 19, 2013 7:41 am

You are having another episode of Tourettes 'enlightened' one. Time for another dose of that medication!
Thank god for those scientists!! I should have known that an irrational response was what I was going to get. Lesson learned. Your manic and irrational outbursts are concerning. I feel pity for you, but on the bright side you have educated me all about the nature of a Troll, so thank you for enlightening me! Have fun and do the right thing by people and most importantly yourself. I will not feed you anymore, bye!

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Re: Michael Mavro Sydney SOP

Postby ManOnTheStreet » Fri Apr 19, 2013 7:57 am

Dear all,

1. The "couldn't hack it" comment was unfortunate. Enlightened, it's often hard to make sense of your true position when you present us with such wildly fluctuating responses. Sometimes you are considered and thoughtful, and at others you are highly derogatory - it might be better to stick to one tack: I occasionally get the impression we are dealing with two people not one.

2. I don't really have a problem with the way people express themselves so long as it's adequate for getting their message across in a reasonable and consistent manner.

3. To avoid personal attacks, we should all really be concentrating on the reasons behind people's decision to stay in the School or leave it. These reasons exist in the abstract - there is no advantage to be gained by attacking people when the issue is about their reasoning.

In that spirit, perhaps we can return to the deeper issue of whether the School approach of narrow exclusivity with regard to its 'teaching' has any value? It was often mentioned there that this was necessary because we should not "mix our oils" and so on. Is this a valid reason?


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Re: Michael Mavro Sydney SOP

Postby sydneykatieking » Tue Jun 11, 2013 9:28 pm

Hello all Sydney SOP and SFSK survivors and those current members who covertly lurk on the quiet....

I have found an article, "What Are You Waiting For," in the magazine, Buddhadharma: the practitioner's quarterly (Spring 2013, pp23-24) which I wanted to post to share with those who are still coming to terms with the abuse that Mickey and Nina Mavro subjected their members to. I know there is still bitterness and questions as to who was actually responsible for the ongoing insanity under the Mavros. And, reading the posts from SFSK survivors I see that La Nina has continued in her unethical, bully-husband's footsteps. Even La Nina's 'holy man' knows there is no love in her latest school abomination.

I have done some editing of the article, so it isn't so Americentric, but I am sharing the substance of the article. I especially want fellow readers to know that I have deliberated not deleted references to sexual abuse because I know very well that there was sexual misconduct at the highest levels of Sydney SOP with female students, both married and unmarried, but because of shame and fear, those exploited women have not spoken out. I hope you find this helpful, supportive, intelligent and compassionate. The article does not deal with financial exploitation; a subject of another posting.

"...we know far more about sexual and psychological exploitation now than we knew thirty years ago.

... " awareness of the dangers of boundary violations reaches far beyond the therapeutic community.

" The media regularly exposes scandals in religious communities. The public is demanding more and more that offenders be brought to justice.

"Marilyn Peterson's 1992 book, At Personal Risk: Boundary Violations in Professional-Client Relationships, describes the nature of boundary violations in the helping professions of law, education, medicine, ministry, and therapy. In all of these relationships, the professional has a responsibility to act entirely in the best interests of the client. Yet . . . spiritual teachers present a special case. Their work involves helping people face human suffering and find meaning in their lives, perhaps even to seek enlightenment or a place in heaven in the afterlife. The relationship between ... seeker and spiritual guide is vital to the ... growth process. To fully benefit from the relationship...seekers must allow themselves to be vulnerable and trust that such vulnerability will not hurt them. . . . the role of a spiritual teacher...is similar to that of a parent or guardian, and the needs of the seeker...must be absolutely primary.

"For spiritual teachers...to exploit this trust to fulfill their own sexual or psychological needs is a profound betrayal of a sacred relationship. Even if a seeker...seems to invite sexual intimacy by...behaving seductively, the duty of the professional is to protect the person by putting the sanctity of the relationship above all else. This is the accepted ethical standard in both therapy and religion. . . . it must apply to anyone in a position of authority who is guiding someone on a spiritual path.

"For the victims, healing begins when they understand they have been betrayed. . . . .Victims must come to know what drew them to an abusive person and compelled them to continue -- even encourage -- the relationship. Often, victims learn that they were replaying an earlier victimization, perhaps abuse they experienced as a child, or that they were trying to fulfill a deep longing related to a lack of emotional or spiritual support early in life. Or they may simply have been enthralled by the prospect of enlightenment or salvation. This work is a crucial step; it helps victims develop compassion for themselves and gain the power to protect and take care of themselves in the future.

"However, it is vital to emphasize that a victim of abuse is in no way responsible for the behavior of the abuser. That responsibility lies with the abuser alone, and to suggest otherwise is to continue the abuse.
(my emphasis)

"...I sometimes encourage a client to take steps to hold the violator accountable, if doing so would contribute to the client's healing and would not expose the client to further injury. Unfortunately, I have seen far too many instances in spiritual communities ... in which, when exposed for sexual or psychologically abusing a member, the leader threatens a lawsuit or publically shames the victim. And often the community stands with the leader and against the person who has been harmed. In this case, the community itself becomes abusive.

"A victim should be involved in holding the violator accountable only by choice. To suggest...that victims are obligated to participate -- to help the abuser or the community to heal -- is to continue the abuse.

"...is there a tendency in your community to cast doubt on such accusations and to question the integrity of those who voice them? Are there processes in place to allow for open discussion to determine what happened and, if necessary, hold an abuser accountable? There's nothing like the present to establish clear ethical principles ... by which to address sexual or psychological abuse."

All the best, from the US of A

Sydney SOP survivor 1969-1980, proud contributor to the expose, Secret Cult.

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