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For newspaper scans, video clips and other documents relevant to the School of Economic Science and its satellite schools around the world including St James, visit

Why a separate reference site?

The reference site is for material that can't easily be stored or organised on the discussion forum, such as photos, scans, video clips, PDFs, web pages and other common file formats.

How can you contribute?

In principle, anyone can post material on the reference site. You just need to ask for an account to be created. Contributing new material is similar to using webmail or a word processor.

Note that the databases used for the forum and the reference site as separate, so even if you have a forum account I need to create reference site user accounts manually.

Send me a private message if you want me to create an account for you. For security and spam prevention reasons you need to have an established history on the forums (i.e a few posts) to be given an account on the reference site.

How will you know when there is new material?

Contributors to the reference site are encouraged to post a message on the forum when they add new material.

A big thank you to sugarloaf and free who have each added several posts already. In particular, sugarloaf has collated masses of media coverage (some of it borrowed with permission from

What should not be posted on the reference site?

The discussion forum ( is still the primary place for exchange of opinions and experiences about the SES and its satellite schools around the world.

The reference site is for storing, linking to and summarising externally produced material (e.g newspaper articles, TV clips, etc).

External websites sometimes remove pages and material, so if you link to any external sites you are encouraged to upload a copy of the relevant web page(s), images, clips etc to the reference site so that it is kept for posterity. For copyright reasons please always include a link to the original site where available.

I hope you find it a useful resource. If you have any comments about the format of the reference site, please feel free to add them here. Comments on specific material should be by way of regular posts on the discussion forum.

Daffy administrator

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