Ian Mason Interview on Youtube

Discussion of the SES, particularly in the UK.
Abel Holzing
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Ian Mason Interview on Youtube

Postby Abel Holzing » Wed Jun 12, 2013 6:35 pm

There is a video of an interview by the Renegade Economist with Ian Mason, the Principal of the SES, on Youtube (see here -> http://goo.gl/tcnVR). Ian Mason has apparently addressed the UN, speaking on "One World One Wealth - Economics, Justice and the Rights of Nature".

Jo-Anne Morgan
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Re: Ian Mason Interview on Youtube

Postby Jo-Anne Morgan » Wed Jun 12, 2013 11:33 pm

I think Ian Mason speaks very well and very convincingly. I agree with this view of Economics. Humans can't keep on raping and pillaging the planet to destruction. However, given that one of the tenets is that tax revenue should be derived partly from the value of land ownership rather than wholly from income, then the irony for anyone who knows the SES from the inside is that they are a huge landowner themselves and pay not a penny in tax revenue on either the value of the land or the value of anything else in their possession, as they are a registered charity. The hypocrisy there seems to be deep and wide.

And this phrase 'Natural Law' rears its head again. What are the natural laws exactly? Has anyone managed to get a list out of the SES, because I haven't. You approach that subject and it slips away, you can never get a grasp on it.

Interesting answer also to the question of more women in leadership positions. It was answered on the basis of the 'feminine' principle which is in all of us, men and women. The 'feminine' needs to be more apparent, the qualities of love and empathy, however it was not said that 'women' need to be more apparent in leadership positions. A subtle difference.

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