Can the SES claim Gift Aid?

Discussion of the SES, particularly in the UK.
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Can the SES claim Gift Aid?

Postby ET » Wed Apr 13, 2011 11:14 am


I thought this story might interest members on here: ... n-mil.html

and it got me thinking...I assume the SES is able to claim Gift Aid? Not sure what we can do about it, as it appears the authorities aren't that interested, but it's not something I have thought about before.
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Re: Can the SES claim Gift Aid?

Postby bonsai » Mon Apr 18, 2011 8:32 am

I have always been uncomfortable about the SES's charitable status. As a charity it would be entitled to claim back the gift aid, where donors ticked the relevant box indicating that they are a UK tax payer.

The thing about the SES's charitable status is who benefits in a charitable way from their existence? The money and wealth that they SES amasses goes solely to benefit the members of the organisation. If the SES does donate effort or wealth to those outside the organisation, this is only token gestures compared to the money and wealth that is spent on the school's activities, which are exclusively for the benefit of those who are already members or for the purpose of attracting more members.

To me, this is not seem to me to be charity.

The trouble is that UK charity law allows for religious organisations to be charities but it seems to have little in the way to verify the true nature of organisations.

The most charitable thing that the SES could do for the benefit of society at large, short of ceasing to exist, would be to pay tax on the wealth it generates and the property it owns. Given their penchant for the ideas of fair taxation based in part on a Land Value Taxation model, this would seem to be the least that they could do.


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Re: Can the SES claim Gift Aid?

Postby actuallythere » Tue Apr 19, 2011 8:46 am

There's so much lying at SES (from the Tube posters to the Inquiry) that I cannot give them the benefit of doubt that their charitable status isn't exploited by Sinclair, Boddy etc in an underhand manner.

I would not be surprised to learn they are involved in one of those elaborate tax schemes whereby (i) a financial organization donates to the charity and (ii) gets tax relief in return, but (iii) a commission on the return is paid out to an agent associated with the charity.

Given we've established the premise that they are habitual liars, one can and should investigate all these further issues.

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Re: Can the SES claim Gift Aid?

Postby woodgreen » Wed Apr 20, 2011 9:36 pm

Gift aid is showing up on the Schools accounts, so you are right ET. They are ripping off innocent people, and people in the School are being complicit in the con job. What to do next, as Long Time Dead asked. Many of the SES people in their heirarchy have jobs/ careeres/ money/ that make them complacent. They are spritually complacent too - both in their Eastern and Western attitude to people in their cult. My view is that they use both to further their own ends, and their main end is control - whether by money or even their very natures. Boddy is sitting somewhere thinking they can't afford to get me because I have money, connections, and he stupidly thinks he is right in his spiritual life - that is what cults do to people and Boddy ( and his money connections) and he has fallen into that trap. xxx regards woodgreen.
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