The SES and Regional Schools in England

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Re: The SES and Regional Schools in England

Postby woodgreen » Tue Sep 11, 2012 8:00 pm

Haven't posted on this thread for a while, but the postings from the Australian Schools threads prompted me to look back at this one. I have reached the same conclusion it seems, there is a great lack of love going on, and many people, both at regional and national level here in the UK realise that but are afraid to leave the SES. The Mavro offshoot possibly reflects the many groups that exist in the School here, and between them they can do much damage to people who are caught in the many strands of the SES's web. Seekers, followers, whoever they catch: east, west, north,south. I won't repeat their "streams of the great religions" in their bumph that I thought they followed. Would be like selling for them. Same conclusion though,something very wrong within the depths of the SES.

Can even follow with a selected quote ( time to claim back Shakespeare). "Something wrong in the state of Denmark". Poor old SES using their members to try and replay Hamlet. Got stuck in the state of McLaren.

"Something wrong in the state of the SES" . One root of their darkness - how to ruin Shakespeare, twice. They must live in depression. Did Hamlet for O- Level. Passed, did Shakespeare in the SES, passed, but the SES failed, and simply used a few quotations.

In short,the SES "fragments", and as AT identified, creates "cells". Not a positive word, but wholly apt to their attempt to break people down into some kind of semi scientific view of the universe. Jumped on the back of the Hindu branch which has been really well explained here ( thanks everyone) and the Buddist principle of not killing one iota of life. (Confession -I swiped a moth last night, because I did).
The SES. They swipe people - they must think we are not people. Maybe they are attracted by the light in us but then cannot cope with it. Maybe they have being trying to reincarnate us when they should not - and swiping us in their frustration at their inability to do so. And their hanging on to the old Christian ways - hit them where it hurts - any old Christian approach to boys and girls will do. Been there. The extreme the better Mclaren et al.? Subtle energy as we knew it was, failed, as elecricity does. So does the power of the SES.

SES's greatest fear ( once posed to me) was failure. They failed - they meet in their own mirror, and failure.

Ex-SES Member. (Member for 3 years in late nineties).

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