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Discussion of the SES, particularly in the UK.
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Links to other sites

Postby mgormez » Tue Mar 21, 2006 1:43 pm

.School of Economic Science

Example of a School of Practical Philosophy site as there are many

Example of SES affiliated schools

St. James - London
Junior/Senior Boys and Girls

Report of a Private Independent Inquiry into Discipline Policy & Application at St Vedast and St James Schools during their formative years since 1975

The 1996 St James Schools Governors' Report by M. Goldschmied

Channel 4 -- School abuse inquiry
Published 14 Mar 2006 by: Victoria Macdonald ... sp?id=1946

Video clips of Mr Debenham on BBC 'Newsnight' c.1996

News tracker : School of Economic Science

Media, press and publications archive for the School of Economic Science (SES) and related organisations worldwide

Yahoo group for all former St Vedast / St James pupils

Parents & Pupils Inquiry Action Group

The 'School of Philosophy'
Do You Know The Whole Story?

Information about the School of Economic Science

TPM online -- Course or cult?

School of Economic Science
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(needs an update - Wikipedia are very, very important pages)

Critical information about the School of Economic Science aka Practical Philosophy Foundation aka School voor Filosofie.

Translation of the French part pertaining to the School of Economic Science into English, of the 1997 Belgian Parliament report on cults.

Other web-links covering SES / SoES : ... cience.pdf ... 0824173409 ... ience.html

[Many of these links were sent to my by Matthew]

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