Inquiry Provisional appointment of Chairman

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Inquiry Provisional appointment of Chairman

Postby CBetts » Thu May 19, 2005 3:55 pm

The Governors wish to announce that they have provisionally appointed Mr James Townend QC as Chairman of the Inquiry. The Governors consider that his expertise and experience are highly relevant. Mr Townend's details can be viewed at his Chambers' website: . His experience includes "all areas of Family Law, particularly cases involving children, as well as Crime and Professional Negligence". To his knowledge, he has no connection with either the School of Economic Science or any of the St James' Schools.
Mr Townend's name is now being released to all those who have expressed an interest in the Inquiry. If anyone has any fundamental objection to the appointment of Mr Townend, (fully supported by evidence), the Governors will consider this. Otherwise they will confirm the appointment on 31 May. Any objections should therefore be passed in writing to me, either by post (address below) or via the Vedast e-mail address ( by 5.30pm on 30 May 2005.
Mr Townend will be asked to finalise the Terms of Reference and these will be published as soon as possible together with a timetable for the Inquiry. The Inquiry hearing is expected to take place over five days during mid to late June.
A number of correspondents have indicated that they may wish to submit statements once they know the identity of the Chairman and the full Terms of Reference. If there are any further submissions from these people, they will be passed to the Chairman for his consideration, provided they arrive before the first day of the Inquiry. The date will be announced shortly but it is expected to be, as mentioned above, mid to late June.

Mrs C Betts
Clerk to the Inquiry
Veale Wasbrough Lawyers
Orchard Court
Orchard Lane
Bristol BS1 5WS

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Postby dan » Sun May 22, 2005 10:37 am

Thank you for your update Ms Betts.

Can I suggest that you take this opportunity to clarify (for new visitors to this site) exactly who is welcome to contribute submissions to the new Chair of the inquiry and why the governors have decided to have an inquiry in the first place.

As I understand it, any former pupil of St James/St Vedast girls and boys schools who wishes to make a complaint/statement about past actions/events at these schools is welcome to do so. This would be in the knowledge that their statement would be independently and confidentially evaluated and result in actions being recommended to the St James governors by the Chair of the inquiry.

Many ex pupils may still be unaware of this inquiry process so I encourage you to advertise and explain it at every opportunity.

In my opinion great injustices and acts of child cruelty were committed by these SES controlled schools throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s, it is important for factual events to be made public and any allegations to be answered and defended.

I personally hope that conclusions will be drawn from this process which highlight the dangers of cult members running childrens' schools (the SES and St James) in an environment lacking adequate child protection legislation. I also hope that acknowledgement by the governors, of wrong doing by many SES-member-St James-teachers, will help all involved to move on from the disturbing past of these schools.

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