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Gilbert Mane, John Colet School to talk at TEDxParramatta

Posted: Mon Jul 30, 2012 12:43 am
by Blissfully Sleeping
Gilbert Mane, Headmaster of John Colet School is to present a talk at TEDxParramatta. For those who don't know, John Colet School is a School of Practical Philosophy (an offshoot of the School of Economics) controlled and run primary school in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney.

This man is spreading the SOPP/SES word by indoctrinating children with his and the SES/SoPP brand of Philosophy and Scripture. Pretty scary stuff...just read his, IMHO appalling book, "7 Steps to Freedom - a Systematic Guide to What Everyone Wants" if you can wade through it. Please don't buy, borrow it.

This is the kind of PR blurb that traps parents and their children., ... l?Itemid=0


At this primary school they teach the "School of Practical Philosophy/School of Economics" brand of Philosophy. Not a children's version of Philosophy as taught at University. The classes are scripted and come from 'SES Head Office' in England.

At this primary school "Scripture Classes" are described as Multi-Faith. The reality, is your children will learn primarily the "religion" of the SoPP/SES - the Hindu, Advaita Vedanta. The School of Economics
is officially recognised by the Church of England, among others, as a New Religious Movement (NRM). On the Church of England website, they give the following definition of a NRM:

"New Religious Movement (NRM) is the name used for groups, movements or gatherings which claim to have, or appear to have, a religious character, and which fall outside the major historic world religions. Some of these groups are sometimes called 'cults' or 'sects'."

These classes are also scripted.

At this primary school they teach 10 year old children meditation, then tell the children not to tell their parents their mantra word...creepy.

Re: Gilbert Mane, John Colet School to talk at TEDxParramatt

Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2012 6:43 am
by Ahamty2
Blissfully Sleeping,
Interestingly how, like the Mavros in SOP and SFSK , Gilbert Mane wants to tell parents how they should raise their children, but they, themselves, are not prepared to take the task on themselves and have children of their own to raise and apply their principles.
This is what I find so obnoxious about these members of the SES/SOP sitting in judgement on others full of their own intellectual ideas (that is all they are) and not prepared to take on the "hands on task" themselves.